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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by latiospower on Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:45 pm

    These are important.

    1.No swearing. The word are already censored on the forums, but if you swear on the chatbox, you will get in trouble.
    2.No double-posting.
    3.No saying anything that could seriously offend someone.
    4.No spamming.
    5.No insulting staff for no reason.
    6.No avoiding a ban.
    7.No mini-modding. This means acting as real mods and telling someone off if they break one of the other rules.
    8.No doing anything bad in a Private Message. If someone is sending you bad PMs forward them to me and I will take care of it.
    9.No spreading rumors about anyone. It isn't nice and hurts people's feelings.
    10.No porn. This means don't talk about it and don't have it in your images or signature.
    11.Go easy on the slang. This means you can use it but you can't go crazy and using slang for every other word.

    Will update when I think of more.

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